Pastarino Searcherino

Friday, July 29, 2016


🔴⚠ WARNING⚠🔴⚠ WARNING⚠🔴 STOP✋You👦 are entering a 🚫🐸🚫MEME-FREE🚫🐸🚫 ZONE ⚠ No memes🐸🚫 beyond this👇 point🔘 The use👐 of🔥HOT🔥, 🌼fresh🌼, ♻recycled♻🐎, or otherwise 😎✌chill⛄❄ memes🐸 is ⚠STRICTLY⚠ prohibited.👮 Violators😬😬❌ will be prosecuted😯🏤 to the fullest💯💯extent📖 of meme law😭🔫👮 and their 🐸meme🐸 license💳 removed.☝☝❌❌🚫

Yo Fam I'm New!

Yo fam im new!!!!!!! 🤘🏽 holds up mixtape ✋ my name is Daquan but u can call me t3h N*** oF d00m!!!!!!!! ✋💯 💯 bruh…as u can see 😒‭☝🏽 im a real savage. 👀 thats why i came here, 2 meet 💯% no chill ppl like me… im 16 years old (i got first hand street experience tho!!) 😡‭👊